About us

We Are
Design Heroes

Srang Engineering Products and Services, founded in 1972 by Nendoli Moosa Haji in Malappuram- Kerala, is a full-service engineering company that lays emphasis on providing innovative engineering solutions to distinctive challenges in the field. Since its full-fledged establishment in 1978, Srang’s growth is purely motivated by our passion towards Hi-tech engineering.

Our journey over four decades through innovations, inventions and creativity has helped us step into diverse business opportunities, thereby meeting every requirement by our customers and turning their imagination into reality.

Best of Us

Srang and its Managing Director Mr. Nendoli Mohammed Asfraf have been featured in various national news media for his innovations and services in science and engineering, especially for his contributions in Kannur Science Park. He is recognized nationally and internationally for his works in the field.

Our Mission

Srang is fully dedicated in solving multifaceted challenges and deliver innovative solutions to our customers.


Our vision is to strongly integrate business ethics, integrity and honesty in all aspects of functioning, and hold values in the rightful approach towards achieving work excellence.